CANopen Slave HTB 元件規格

型號(全球代碼): HTB1C0DM9LP (PFXHTB1C0DM9LP)


可連接的 EX 模組數量Up to 7 units per HTB
額定電壓DC20.4 to 26.4V (including ripple)
功耗19W (Communication module with (max.) 7 EX modules.)
安裝配置Attachment via 35mm DIN rail
重量185g [0.4lb] max. (unit only)


輸入點12 points with common line
輸入類型Source/ Sink input
額定輸入電流5mA/ input (DC24V) (I0, I1, I6, I7)
7mA/ input (DC24V) (I2 to I5, I8 to I11)
輸入阻抗5.0kΩ (I0, I1, I6, I7)
3.4kΩ (I2 to I5, I8 to I11)
輸入延遲時間35μs + filter value (I0, I1, I6, I7)
40μs + filter value (I2 to I5, I8 to I11)

45μs + filter value (I0, I1, I6, I7)
150μs + filter value (I2 to I5, I8 to I11)
隔離方法Internal circuit: photocoupler isolated (isolation protection put to AC500V rms)
Between input terminals: not isolated

輸出規格(Q0, Q1)

輸出點2 points
輸出類型Source output
共用設計2 points/ 1common
最大負載電流1A per common line
電壓降(在電壓上)DC1V (max.) (voltage between COM and output terminals when output is on)
輸出延遲時間5μs (max.)
5μs (max.)
隔離方法Between output terminal and internal circuit: photocoupler isolated (isolation protection up to AC500 V rms)
Between output terminals: not isolated

輸出規格(Q2 to Q7)

輸出點6 points
輸出類型Relay output
共用設計COM1: 3, NO contacts
COM2: 2, NO contacts
COM3: 1, NO contacts
最大負載電流2A per output, 8A per common line
輸出延遲時間10ms (max.) (Bounce time not included)
5ms (max.) (Bounce time not included)
隔離方法Between output to internal circuit: AC1500Vrms, 1min
Between output to terminals (COMs): AC750Vrms, 1min