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Welcome to the Pro-face Virtual Showroom.
A unique online experience that allows you to explore and interact with our latest products and solutions from the comfort of your own space. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities as you navigate through our virtual showroom.
Discover the power of Pro-face HMI solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and transform the way you connect with your machines and processes.

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Enable smart operation and secure remote monitoring of critical systems within semiconductor facilities. This includes Water Supply Systems, Gases Supply Systems, Chemical Handling, Waste Chemical Management, Exhaust Systems, Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS), and Cleanroom Systems. Our advanced technology empowers semiconductor manufacturers to optimize operations, ensuring seamless connectivity, robust reliability, and efficient performance.

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EV Battery

Streamline your battery production processes, enhance monitoring, and improve overall productivity. Our user-friendly interfaces provide intuitive operation and real-time data visualization, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations. Maintain regulatory compliance and ensure a safe working environment with safety features and adherence to industry standards.

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Flat Panel Display

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Edge Computing

Pro-face Edge computing enables faster and more efficient data analysis. By filtering and processing data locally, only relevant information needs to be sent to the cloud for further analysis. This reduces the amount of data transmitted, resulting in cost savings and optimized bandwidth usage.

Edge Control Panel

Intelligence capabilities directly to the operator interface, enabling smarter, more efficient control and monitoring of machines. The Edge Control Panel is equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen display, an intuitive user interface, and a wide range of communication options to interface with various industrial devices.

OT / IT Connectivity

Connect directly to a wide range of devices and networks with various vendors.

Offer Scalable and Customizable

A wide range of product lineup including modern technologies to meet the specific needs of various customers.

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Collaborative System

Ready-to-use embedded HMI service to access machines remotely and securely.

Intuitive Layout Design

Everyone easily operate and access precise information in a fast HMI design.

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Increasing Information Value

Rich and expressive interfaces and intuitive operation in a large amount of data to utilize easily.

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Modern Visualization

Supported by high-resolution graphics and tablet style displays with smooth response which Millennials favor.

Robust and cyber secure Solutions

Based on quality best practice since the world's first HMI (GP Series) was first developed in 1989.

Global Availability / Support / Training

HMI Specialist service & support delivering certainty around the world.

Effortless migration to innovations

Special care to migrate our instrument to our new concept and to our new innovations.

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HMI + face recognition

Realize a touchless secure system with HMI.
Easy to Login/Logout in a specific environment, such as Cleanroom/Dirty workplace/Oily workplace/Dangerous environment in which machine rotates. Start enhanced smart security.

HMI + ID Card (NFC) reader

Security measures can be easily implemented by utilizing HMI to manage the operations of equipment and facilities that are operated by multiple operators or that have special processes.

Visualization CNC with HMI + Data converter

HMI + Silex data converter can easily visualize CNC information with other peripheral devices without changing existing programs or architecture. And CNC data and other device data can be collected through HMI (as a gateway) using OPC-UA/Modbus and used as an ANDON or for analysis to realize IoT.

HMI + Network Camera

Network cameras are attracting a lot of attention as a tool for site improvement, especially in large equipment and multifunctional machines. By capturing scenes that are not noticeable to the naked eye or the cause of errors that cannot be determined by data analysis alone, you will be able to reliably uncover facts that were previously unknown to you.

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Embedded Camera

Operation log with video and image.
Snapshot or video recording by
switches on the screen.

Semiconductor / Electronics

Change the screen
Job Display Screen
Displays currently selected job, registered jobs
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Alarm Screen
Displays current alarm, alarm history
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List Screen
Displays each controller’s state
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Predictive maintenance
Displays grease-up, battery exchange time management, power on time
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Status Screen
Displays the current value of Robot/Servo, tool info., system info.
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Robot I/O Screen
I/O state display, Settings.
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  • High efficiency and high cost-effectiveness
    User Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology
    Industry Semiconductor
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  • Visualization CNC with HMI + Data converter
    User Silex technology
    Industry Network Products
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  • Remote Maintenance Solution
    Customer Story for Food and Beverage
    User Goodlife
    Industry Food and Beverage
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  • Why customers choose our
    Pro-face HMI for semiconductor processes.
    User Air Liquide Electronics Systems Asia
    Industry Semiconductor
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  • FDA Compliance Customer Story for Pharmaceutical
    User IRM Enterprises
    Industry Pharmaceutical
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  • Pro-face HMIs in constant use since
    first introduced in 1992
    Industry Manufacturing paper machines
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  • Pro-face HMI is indispensable for next-generation machines; Special vehicles that operate outdoors.
    User Kawasaki Kiko Co., Ltd.
    Industry Special vehicles / Agri
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