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STW6000/ How to update the system?

Please find following instrucions.
1. Prepare USB storage (less than 32GB space, FAT32 Format)
2. Download System update module from below link and put it to the USB storage root folder
Download file
3. Insert the USB storage to Target and “Power On” the Target

4. Enter Password

(The above start page is different depending on the user environment. ) 

5. Enter password and touch “Login”
(Default password is “Admins”)

6. Enter "Configuration Menu" and touch "+ System"

If you cannot find “Configuration” on the display,
please visit below FAQ: STW6000 / How to visit “Configuration Menu”(FA405130).

7. Go to "Update Systerm" and touch "Update" Button.

8. Make sure of the USB storage and insert on Target and touch “OK” button.

9. Enter Update process and wait for about 3 minutes.

Attention: If Screen is showing“Cannot read data from USB storage...”
Check your USB storage data as below.
-    BOOTLD0D.SYS / WEBOS0D.SYS / KERNEL (these three files in your USB storage root folder)
-    USB storage device Capacity (FAT32 or less than 32 GB).

10. Touch “OK” button and it will be required to reboot automatically.
HMI will be updated with new system after the rebooting.

11. Enter “Configuration Menu” and touch “+ Information” 

12. Check  "Version" whether it is same version you downloaded.
FA404725  |  04-Mar-2020
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