Product Exterior Refreshment Service

Product Exterior Refreshment Service (ERS)

Dear Customer,

This service is offered to customers who want have the exterior (housing) of their Pro-face product refreshed.
Only those products that are fully functional are covered by this service as only exterior parts will be replaced. In case a product needs replacement of electronic parts, please use the Pro-face repair service.

  1. Fill in and submit the Return Material Authorization (RMA) form below. You will receive an automatic notification of your request from your local Pro-face office. Please do not reply to that e-mail.
  2. Based on your request you will receive an ERS price quotation from Pro-face.
  3. In order to proceed you have to confirm your acceptance of the exterior refreshment charges by replying to that e-mail with the quoted charges.
  4. After receiving your acceptance we will send you the unique RMA Number and our instructions of how to send the goods to Pro-face.

Important: Do not send any goods to us without the confirmed RMA number.

NO Goods will be accepted at the Pro-face Service Centre without our unique RMA number.

Pro-face issues the RMA number after receiving your Acceptance of the ERS Cost or your full payment of the ERS Cost (Prepayment customers will receive our Pro-forma invoice first. Payment of the full amount will become the Acceptance of the Exterior Refreshment Service Cost.)

Please also read the Important Information section.