Pro-face Connect Supported Models / Operating Environment

Supported Models

SP5000 Series

Module Type Supported Models
Open Box SP-5B40 (PFXSP5B40)
SP-5B41 (PFXSP5B41)
Power Box SP-5B10 (PFXSP5B10)
Standard Box SP-5B00 (PFXSP5B00)

SP5000X Series

Module Type Supported Models
Box SP-5B90 (PFXSP5B90)

GP4000 Series

Series Name Supported Models
GP4000 Series All models
* Except for GP4000M, GP-4201TW and GP4100 Series


Series Name Supported Models
PS5000 Series All models
PE4000B Series

Operating Environment

PC for GateManager / LinkManager Windows PC/AT compatible machine
Operating System
  • LinkManager
    Windows Vista 32/64bit (All editions)
    Windows 7 32/64bit (All editions)
    Windows 8 32/64bit (All editions)
    Windows 8.1 32/64bit (All editions)
    Windows 10 32/64bit (Home/Pro/Enterprise editions)
  • SiteManager
    For information about the operating system installed on a display unit, refer to its corresponding hardware manual.
Other non-operating-system
  • Browsers
    Internet Explorer 9 or later, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox
Network Settings


  • You cannot access to one SiteManager at the same time by using the same software from multiple LinkManagers (PC).
    Target softwares are as follows.
     ・GP-Pro EX (Pass-Through, Web Server)
     ・Pro-Server EX
     ・GP-Viewer EX
     ・Pro-face Remote HMI Client for Win
  • Pro-face Connect cannot communicate with Ethernet Multilink connections.
  • Pro-face Connect cannot connect with Pro-face Remote HMI.
  • For drivers that support communication with ladder monitor tools and device/PLC, refer to the following.
    Drivers that support ladder monitor tools and device/PLC communication
  • For actions you can use on Pro-Server EX, refer to the following.
    Actions you can use on Pro-Server EX