Pro-face Connect Supported Models / Operating Environment

Supported Models

ST6000 Series

Module Type Supported Models
ST6000 Series All models
STM6000 Series All models

SP5000 Series

Module Type Supported Models
Open Box SP-5B40 (PFXSP5B40)
SP-5B41 (PFXSP5B41)
Power Box SP-5B10 (PFXSP5B10)
Standard Box SP-5B00 (PFXSP5B00)

SP5000X Series

Module Type Supported Models
Box SP-5B90 (PFXSP5B90)

GP4000 Series

Series Name Supported Models
GP4000 Series All models
* Except for GP4000M, GP-4201TW and GP4100 Series


Series Name Supported Models
PS6000 Series All models
* PS5001B module not supported under v.7 with Site Manager
PS5000 Series
PE4000B Series

Operating Environment

Gate Manager

Version 9.7
Web Browsers Internet Explorer 9 or later, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox )*1
URL URL available in the credentials email received from GateManager (more info on Quick Start Guide about credentials)

*1 The GateManager version 8.3.19081 may have some compatibility issues with the browsers Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) and Mozilla Firefox. These are experienced using the GateManager and LinkManager user interfaces. No compatibility issues have been found using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Link Manager

Version 9.7
Personal computer model  Windows PC/AT compatible machine
Operating System
  • Windows Vista 32/64bit (All editions)
  • Windows 7 32/64bit (All editions)
  • Windows 8 32/64bit (All editions)
  • Windows 8.1 32/64bit (All editions)
  • Windows 10 32/64bit (Home/Pro/Enterprise editions)
Web Browsers Internet Explorer 9 or later, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox
Network Settings The LinkManager is to be installed on the Windows OS computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) of the user.
Please refer to the Quick Start Guide, "Use Case Components" section

Site Manager

Versions 9.6
Operation System For information about the operating system installed on a display unit, refer to its corresponding hardware manual.


  • You cannot access to one SiteManager at the same time by using the same software from multiple LinkManagers (PC).
    Target softwares are as follows.
     ・GP-Pro EX (Pass-Through, Web Server)
     ・Pro-Server EX
     ・Pro-face Remote HMI Client for Win
     ・Pro-face Remote HMI
  • Pro-face Connect cannot communicate with Ethernet Multilink connections.
  • For drivers that support communication with ladder monitor tools and device/PLC, refer to the following.
    Drivers that support ladder monitor tools and device/PLC communication
  • For actions you can use on Pro-Server EX, refer to the following.
    Actions you can use on Pro-Server EX