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Customization and Services

For details, please contact your local Pro-face sales representative.

Customization (Specific needs)

We offer you products individual needs besides the basic menu

Pro-face has many experiences of HMI customization service based on specific needs.

Customization (Basic Manu)

Reduce engineering set-up time

  • Hardware and Software bundle, pre-configuring

Better design suits your machine

  • Customized logo
  • Overlay bezel

Resistant to harsh environments

  • Hardware protective coating

HMI Customized Service

We provide a range of useful services for our customers. If services not stated in the list below are needed, we'll make every effort.
For details, please contact your local Pro-face sales representative.  
Service Descriptions SP5000 SP5000X ST6000 STW6000 GP4000 GP4000M GP4100 GP4000H GP4000R LT4000M PS5000 FP5000
Kitting Pre-install or duplicate customer's OS image, start-up screen, application 
Pre-acitive license keycode before shipping
Pre-setting hardware, network address, clock, RAID etc.
Pre-install screen protection sheet or cover
Enclose accessories or options in package with products
Logo, overlay and label Remove orignal logo
Replace original logo by customer's logo, printed on overlay or a sticker type
Change the color of overlay   *1   *1    
Change the color of bezel        
Add customer's label warnning sheet
Coating Coat PCBAs to extend product lifetime for use in harsh environments    

*1 Frame type, stick on the top of orignal overlay.

Consulting & Engineering

OT Enhancement and IT Expansion


Screen design consulting and creation, Utilize HMI specialist know-how into machine and system design



Hardware replacement, Software conversion, IT / OT connection, build on HMI centric.



Industrial HMI specialist keeping long term relationship with customers