Repair request form

Information about the repair process

Dear Customer,
Please follow our new Repair Process.

  1. Fill in and submit the Return Material Authorization (RMA) form below. You will receive the automatic notification of the receiving your request by your Local Pro-face office. Do not reply to that e-mail.
  2. Based on your request you will receive the Repair Service price quotation.
  3. In order to proceed further you will have to confirm your acceptance of the repair charges by replying that e-mail with quoted charges.
  4. After receiving your acceptance we will send you the unique RMA Number and our instruction how to send the goods.

Important: Do not send any goods to us without the confirmed RMA number.
NO Goods will be accepted at Pro-face Repair Center without our unique RMA number.

Pro-face issues the RMA number after receiving your Acceptance of the Repair Service Cost or your full payment of the Repair Service Cost (Prepayment customers will receive our Pro-forma invoice first. Payment of the full amount will become the Acceptance of the Repair Service Cost.).

Please also read the Important Information section.

RMA (Return Material Authorisation) - Request form

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